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Targeting Friction in the Anadarko Basin

Operators in the Anadarko Basin consistently experience high torque while drilling with water-based muds (WBM) and Asphalt-blended Oil (ABO) lubricants. Despite additions of ABO at concentrations as high as 12%, ABO lubricants are not always able to reduce torque to enable optimal drilling performance. As such, many wells in the area are also drilled with oil-based muds (OBM) at a much-increased cost. Encapso® can help better control Anadarko drilling dynamics, and their associated costs.


Case Study


With its novel encapsulated design and targeted delivery, it was hypothesized that Encapso® would be able to reduce friction along the entire drill string to reduce torque and increase the rate of penetration.


Encapso® was used in the WBM to drill the intermediate and lateral sections of an 11,500 ft. measured distance (MD) well. The results were compared to two wells that had been drilled nearby using ABO as a lubricant. On average, use of Encapso® was associated with a 47% reduction in rotational torque. Additionally, average Rate of Penetration (ROP) increased by up to 17% in the lateral section.

Encapso® was later used on another well in the area that was drilling in a different formation. Use of Encapso® was associated with a 63% torque reduction in the lateral section compared to another well in the same location and formation.

  • Overall, use of Encapso® was consistently associated with 40-60% reductions in average torque.
  • The drilling engineer on the first well was impressed enough by the results to state that a WBM using Encapso® is the “best alternative to OBM” that he’s aware of.


Torque Reduction

Increasing ROP