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Targeting Friction in the La Cira-Infantas Basin

The La Cira-Infantas Basin is Colombia's oldest field, currently undergoing a period of intensive redevelopment. Drilling in this depleted, shallow gas brownfield often presents operators with a number of common operational challenges, including frequent loss-of-circulation issues and unpredictable well control.


Case Study


In the La Cira-Infantas Basin, an operator was drilling S-shaped wells at rates of penetration (ROP) approaching 300 feet/hour. However, drilling at such high rates was also accompanied with high torque and challenges running casing to bottom at completion using the incumbent liquid lubricant. The operator decided to use Encapso® on two high-angle wells (max inclination of 39 degrees) to see what encapsulated lubricant could do.


Well sections with Encapso® were compared to similar sections in a nearby well with similar geometry (max inclination of 33 degrees) drilled with incumbent liquid lubricants. Use of Encapso® was associated with differentiated performance in several areas:

  • The average ROP increased 9% from 223 ft/hr to over 242 ft/hr
  • Despite this increase in ROP, the average torque decreased by 13%, from 6.2 k ft lbs to 5.4 k ft lbs
  • Time to run casing to bottom decreased by 31%, from 16.3 hours to 11.3 hours


Increasing ROP

Torque Reduction

Decreased Time to Run Casing