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Targeting Friction in the Permian Basin

With challenging malleability, complex conglomerate formations and wells that can be extremely deep, hot and high-pressure—the Permian can tax any driller’s best-laid plans. Encapso® can help drillers in the region not only improve drilling efficiency and reach TD faster, but also more closely stick to the drill plan as originally designed.


Case Study


One of North America’s largest E&P companies had been drilling wells in the Permian Basin for years. In an effort to enhance drilling efficiency, the operator tried Encapso® in their water-based mud (WBM) formation to determine its effect on performance. After an initial test well which was the fastest drilled in the area, the operator used Encapso® in a commercial well and compared it to an offset well drilled with standard liquid lubricants.


With its unique, on-demand lubricant delivery system, Encapso® deploys effective friction control when and where it’s needed most. Operational friction releases its oil on demand—helping you increase key drilling performance metrics and reduce wasted product for superior economics.

Use of Encapso® was associated with differentiated performance in several areas:

  • The average ROP increased 40%—from 120 ft/hr to over 170 ft/hr
  • The average torque decreased by 16%—from 18.6K ft/lbs to 15.5K ft/lbs
  • In sum, these operational improvements contributed to savings of 2.5 days, or a 33% reduction in drilling time


Increasing ROP

Torque Reduction