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Targeting Friction in the DJ Basin

Portions of the northern DJ Basin have very tough formations—e.g. dolomite, reactive inter-bedded geo-pressured plastic flowing clays/salts. Achieving the required build rates to achieve the desired well geometery can be challenging. Even adding commercial lubricant can be insufficient to get the required response at the tool face. Enter Encapso®.


Case Study


A regional operator attempted to drill an ”S” shaped curve off of an existing vertical well to maximize the length of the production lateral. With the clock ticking and after failed attempts with traditional lubricant options, the operator knew something different would need to be used in order to meet project goals. Cement was used to plug the well, and Encapso® was subsequently added to the system.


Following the addition of Encapso® drilling lubricant, directional drillers found that there was a significant improvement in tool response, commenting that a quarter-turn of the drill string at the surface was translating to a quarter-turn at the tool face. In addition, the average rate of penetration (ROP) increased by about 216%, drilling the curve with Encapso® relative to drilling the original vertical well in the same formation. Finally, using Encapso® drilling lubricant, the operator was able to reach the target depth with the desired geometry, which had been unachievable until that point.

  • Significant improvement in tool response
  • Reached target depth with desired geometry
  • 216% increase in ROP drilling the curve with Encapso


Increasing ROP