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Why Encapso®

With its unique, on-demand lubricant delivery system—Encapso® is creating an effective alternative for the fight against friction.

Drilling engineers can now count on more effective friction control, when and where it’s needed most. That’s because unlike traditional lubricants, Encapso® is composed of micro-sized cells containing pure, custom-engineered lubricating oil. The days of pouring endless amounts of lubricant into the wellbore are over. These encapsulated high-grade lubricants remain contained until sufficient operational friction and shear break the encapsulation to release the oil on-demand—helping you increase performance and reduce wasted product.

Learn more about why Encapso® drilling lubricant is the best way to reduce friction in water-based horizontal drilling applications.

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Proven Performance

Targeting friction for serious results

Encapso® doesn’t just claim to increase rates of penetration (ROP), decrease drag and reduce both rotational torque and friction in water-based horizontal drilling applications. It has the numbers to back it up.

Through its innovative “encapsulated” design, Encapso® proactively targets friction by bursting only under custom-engineered pressure and temperature conditions. This results in superior performance downhole. Encapso® has been proven in test wells to:

  • Reduce friction by over 70%
  • Increase the rate of penetration (ROP) by up to 50% compared to standard liquid lubricants
  • Decrease torque by up to 42%
  • Decrease drag by up to 50%

*Results based on laboratory testing, testing at the Catoosa Testing Facility and/or head-to-head commercial well trials.

Innovative Technology

The Science Behind Encapso®

Encapso® was developed using an existing proprietary biotechnology platform. This system creates tailored, biodegradable oils by harnessing the prolific oil-producing capabilities of microalgae. Encapso® scientists were able to leverage this technology to create a first-of-its kind product: microencapsulated oil cells that burst only under sufficient pressure, friction and shear.

The product innovations of Encapso® are built on a strong foundation of company resources, including:

  • Over $100 MM in investments
  • Over 150 R&D specialists
  • Over 40 PhDs
  • Over 120,000 MT of manufacturing capacity
  • A comprehensive Mud Lab/Analytical Lab that includes:
    • Lubricity testing (Pin and Block, Pin and Vee)
    • Automated Temperature controlled Rheology Meter/Viscometer (OFITE 900)
    • Hot-roll oven
    • Particle size analysis
    • Mass spec, GC-MS

Environmental Advantage

Offering a more sustainable drilling lubricant.

In addition to being the world’s first targeted friction inhibitor, Encapso® is also one of the only encapsulated drilling lubricants that is both non-hazardous and biodegradable.

Today’s operators need a drilling lubricant that not only increases drilling efficiency—but also reduces environmental impact over traditional products. Encapso® drilling lubricant’s micro-algae composition offers the best of both worlds when it comes to drilling speed, steering control and overall environmental footprint.

ContaminantMax values1Encapso®
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons 500 mg/kg Undetected2
Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds 0.022 mg/kg to 1000 mg/kg Undetected
Benzene 0.17 mg/kg Undetected
  1. Example from Northern Colorado
  2. 310 mg/kg of biodegradable fatty acids detected in DRO range, but presumed to be fatty acids and not petroleum hydrocarbons due to affinity to charged gel and elution profile