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Targeting Friction in the Middle East

Encapso® brings Middle Eastern assets high-performance lubrication with superior reservoir protection.

Remaining stable in high-salt or high-temperature environments, Encapso’s quality lubricant stays sequestered until encountering points of friction. Upon deployment, not only does it provide friction control that optimizes Rate of Penetration (ROP), but it also protects your future production by preventing reservoir damage.

  • Safer for the reservoir, maximizing production now and long-term
  • Will not precipitate or foam in high pH, avoiding changes in fluid density
  • Remains stable in high-salt brines with high concentrations of divalent cations
  • Remains stable in high-temperature wellbores
  • 94% soluble in acids for easy cleanup

And the product’s high-pH formula will not precipitate into H2S—enabling use in reservoirs with high H2S.